Fitting a frame is an artform –

At Clear Choice Optical, we have the experience and selection to properly fit individuals of all ages. Our optician is trained to design and fit eyeglasses to the prescription supplied by your ophthalmologist or optometrist. We specialize in fittings to accommodate the needs of infants, children, teens, and adults who may sometimes have custom preferences such as prismatic correction, high prescription, and special tints. We recognize and have the ability to cater to the needs of different age groups and activity levels: from special earpieces for infants to custom prescription sport/swim goggles. We also have the expertise to cater to the client whose optical needs are more concerned with safety and medical conditions. Choosing eyewear shouldn’t be stressful. We look forward to seeing you at our optical center to show you why. We stand behind the quality of our products by providing a warranty on both frames and lenses.


Infant and Children –

When children are prescribed glasses to correct a developmental condition, it is crucial for the glasses to be comfortable so they are worn as much as possible. To achieve optimal comfort, frames and lenses must be customized to their needs. We offer a wide range of frames that can be properly fitted to each infant and or child’s unique facial characteristics:

● Smaller noses can be tricky for children because they can lead to the glasses slipping down if they aren’t properly fitted.
● Frames should be sized to fit the width of the face and be durable to account for the infant and or child’s activity level.
● Comfortable cable tips can be added to ensure a minimum of slippage.
● The temple arms of the frame should be the proper length and follow the contour of the ear.


Teens/Adults –

You can choose from numerous designs, materials, and colors to find an expressive look that teens and or adults can feel confident in.

● The teenage years can be a stressful time for teens and parents alike. We can provide you with fashion forward glasses that are appropriate for every occasion.
● Sometimes an adult can use just as much guidance as teens in selecting the proper fitting frames to accommodate their preferences.
● Customized single vision, progressives, bifocals, and photochromic glasses are offered for proper vision correction.


Other Specializations –

● Prismatic: When dealing with prisms, having the appropriate optical centers to match the unique facial characteristics of the individual is crucial. We understand the intricacies of fitting prisms correctly and we utilize a lab to provide the highest quality of lenses. We offer a full range of options for prismatic corrections that other opticians do not offer, such as progressive lenses, slab prisms, and fresnel prisms.
● High Prescription: High prescription glasses don’t have to be unattractively thick or heavy. When selected with the proper frame, higher index lenses can be utilized to create lightweight and fashionable glasses.
● Craniofacial: Sometimes glasses have to account for individuals with congenital or traumatic deformities (such as a missing ear, wide spaced eyes, or a flat midface). A custom fitted frame will not only improve vision function, but will also be socially attractive.
● Sensitivities: We have the ability to cater to individuals who require non optical specializations, such as moisture chambers, side shields, custom tints for light sensitivity, and severe environmental allergies.
● Ocular Safety: Sports related ocular trauma is one of the leading causes of permanent visual loss in children and young adults. We provide protective polycarbonate sports goggles for high risk sports activities. Ocular protection is also advised for individuals with high risk careers, such as police, firefighters, and construction workers, etc…